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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 30, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight at 11:00 the labor day weekend is officially underway. live look at the city where thousands are expected to pack the parkway for the made in america music festival. and how about a live look down the shore where thousands more will unofficially send off summer and close out two
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atlantic city icons. good evening to you, i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. >> whether you're headed down the shore, up to the mountains or maybe you're staying around town the the big question is will the weather cooperate with your plans? meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with a look at the slight cool down this weekend it's bringing with it. kathy. >> right now we're looking at cooling conditions jessica but it's not going to stay that way through the entire holiday weekend. around the region temperatures have fallen through the 70s into the 60s into the 50s. take look at the number across the delaware valley sketch in philadelphia. how about 58 in the poconos. in atlantic city at the airport 58 degrees. temperatures will be cooling fast. down the shore in owing city 68. 69 in avalon. in cape may it's sweater weather this evening 67 degrees. the warmest temperature the ocean at 75. now, as we look ahead to tomorrow across the region, it's going to be beautiful day. philadelphia 84. sunny down the shore 79 with a high uv index.
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in the poconos very comfortable with a temperature of 74 degre 74 degrees. all is clear right now. but we are watching a storm out through the midwest bringing showers and thunderstorms and as the weekend progresses all of this moisture will be moving our way and even some golf moisture getting in on the act across the delaware valley. so all of this will be moving toward us the best chance will be sunday into monday. so coming up we'll talk about that pleasant start, that summer heat and humidity that makes a return and timing the storms so you can make the most of that labor day weekend and your time outdoors. i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast. jessica. >> good information, kathy, thanks. it may be the unofficial end of summer, but there's still time for one big bash. the final preparations are underway for the made in america mewing is festival in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live along the parkway where the party a few hours away. todd. >> reporter: jessica, tick tock here we go. wee we're live tonight on the
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parkway at 22nd street and pretty much from this point forward all the way up to the art museum the parkway will be shut down for the rest of the weekend. there is no rest for work crews the night before they're busy doing all the work needed to kick off the third annual budweiser made in america festival right here in philadelphia. with acts ranging across the musical spectrum including kanye west and kings of leon the draw here is unlike many other music festivals. >> diversity. it's good mewing is. so that's what it's all about. america is made up of good people who like good music and that's what it's going to represent. >> the traffic tie up around the parkway part of the show. and things won't return to normal until tuesday. >> it's a mess. how in the heck people supposed to know this is happening and everything is block off? >> i think they shall listen to the news and be aware of the traffic mess. >> it's definitely good for the city. be patient. you'll make the through. >> thousands of people will be at the two day music festival and for people who live here
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along the parkway like these direct system university students, the noise will have to be something they deal with. >> probably studying actually. or trying to any way. >> window open or closed? >> i guess window open. just to catch the music. might as well take advantage of it right. >> yeah. >> this year's festival will feature four stages and for the first time a made in america festival going on at the same time in los angeles. >> right over here there's going to be a large screen that will show the los angeles event simultaneously with the philadelphia event. >> reporter: so the at the present time are up, the stages are set and they appear ready to go here tonight on the parkway. if you want to know more about the road closures happening here throughout the weekend we have a full list on our website at reporting live tonight in center city, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thanks so much. for mr. on the restrictions on what you can and cannot take to the made in america concert and for other lab day weekend event
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information head over to this is somewhat somber labor day weekend down the shore. showboat and revel are closing their doors weekend taking with them thousands of jobs. matt rivers was in atlantic city tonight. while many there were remembering the past, others were wondering about the future. >> reporter: labor day weekend is the unofficial end of summer but this year the holiday marks the end of an era in atlantic city. >> it's a shame what happened to the city. i could cry. >> reporter: showboat casino and its gleaming tax subsidize the neighbor to the north revel will be closing down this week and. friday there were sparse crowds at both. what do you think about the fact that it's closing down. >> it's really a shame. it's a beautiful place. >> reporter: when the two casinos close they'll take thousands of jobs with them. >> beyond just employees when casinos close down it hurts the people who live here, too. back in 2010 the city's tax space was around $20 billion. next year it's estimated to be
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about half that around 10 billion and because of that atlantic city citizens will be paying about 30% more on their property taxes. >> higher tacks can also lead to higher prices. >> prices of food and everything is going up around who are. like i noticed even cans of soda went from 50 to 75 cents. >> governor christie are trying to stop that from happening and hanging his hat on new plan to make ac less about gambling and more about night life and shops and restaurant. >> atlantic city is one of the best beaches in the state. so that's where i see the general direction go. >> we've her fifty two taillight saying talk before it's a beg reason the revel was built in the if's ma. while we wait to see if a can rebuild optimism on its boardwalk. >> the city has been here sin 1850 and always been a place for everybody to come. so i think it will survive. >> matt riffs cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> take a look now at a timeline of what will close and when in atlantic city.
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showboat will close its doors sunday at 4:00 p.m. revel is officially closing on monday and tuesday and says sunday will be its last normal day of operation. trump plaza is scheduled to close september 16th. philadelphia police hope this video will lead them to two people who robbed and shot a man trying to deposit $70,000 in cash. this happened last night in the crowded pathmark parking lot at large and bleigh avenue. police believe the victim who owns four businesses in that area was targeted by these robbers. the victim was shot in the arm but is expected to be okay. >> right now police in the city are looking for a driver involved in a deadly crash early this morning. a woman was hit by three cars while crossing the street at broad street and bell field avenue. two of the drivers stopped and they're now cooperating with investigators. but the first driver sped off and police are looking at nearby surveillance video to hopefully identify that driver. >> new information tonight in an
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incredible crash. today philadelphia building inspectors condemned a mayfair home damaged by a tractor trailer last night. police say the driver of an suv ran a red light and hit the truck. the truck then slammed into a row home at levick and farnsworth. both of the drivers were hurt. but no one was inside the row home at the time of that crash. >> an important alert for all women in delaware county tonig tonight. a man was arrested in radnor township accused of taking lewd pictures of up a woman's skirt at a grocery store. police say there could be more victims. >> you're accused of up sirring, sir. >> i didn't do anything, sir. >> police say brian bailey used his cell ton to take the pictures at a giant supermarket in radnor township. once in custody investigators say they found an additional too umps matches of other women on his phone. >> we have reason to believe there may be other incidents in the region. we've notified the philadelphia police department as well. he had the iphone under her skirt. she was wearing a skirt at the time and this is a classic
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example of what you may know as up skirting. >> police records show bailey pleaded guilty to a similar incident in june of 2012. he was fined $200 and placed on probation with out serving any time behind bars. a firehouse in old city that went up in flames last september is back up and running tonight. the station at fourth and arch reopened today following he can tense seive renovations. a peek inside shows new windows, floors, doors and air-conditioning along with an upgraded exhaust system. the work to row pair the fire damage costs about four hadn't dread 75 to us season dollars. >> the crisis in iraq is putting authorities in the uk on high alert. that can i country raised its that are roar threat level to severe indicating an tack is highly likely. prime minister david cameron says the islam mc state of syria could pose is a a serious threat to the uk. however at this time leaders say there's no evidence an tack is eminent. the threat level here in the us remains unchanged.
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>> the ebola outbreak in west africa is spreading to night. senegal announced its force case of the disease a student from guinea. 1500 people have died since that outbreak began. the world health organization says the epidemic grew last week at the fastest pace since it began. >> he said he wasn't going to take it any more so when the robbers barged in, took matters into his own hands and it was caught on camera. >> then you get a phone call offering help but instead you get taken for a ride. tonight three is on your side with a warning about a fast growing scam in our area. >> kathy. >> temperatures are going to be comfortable tonight but then heat and humidity returns. it will turn a little stormy and steamy when we see gulf moisture being fed into our next storm system. we'll try to time out that is summertime storms coming up. >> the new viral video sensati sensation. the philly cancer patient and
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his ra rap parody that has socil media buzzing to night when
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>> dramatic moments caught on camera as a fed up liquor store own are in fights back against some crook. when two suspects poured their weapons on him his store in connecticut he pointed his gun at the suspects but didn't shoot. they ended up running away. that on are in was robbed recently. he said he'd had enough he decided to fight back despite what police recommend. >> also caught on camera swat officers with guns drawn barge in on video gamer in colorado. it's part of a scam called swatting. someone calls police telling them there's an emergency somewhere. they show up, much to the surprise of the gamers who aren't doing anything wrong. police are still searching for the person who report the that phone know tip. >> after missing the last three races nascar driver tony stewart is making his return to the track this weekend. it will be his fir raisins he was involved in a crash that
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killed kevin ward, jr. energy new york. stew war made a few practice runs earlier today at the atlanta motor speedway. he also spoke to the media for the first time since that incident. >> i've taken the last couple weeks off out of respect for kevin and his family, and also to cope with the accident in my own way. it's give haven't me the time to think about life and how easy it is to take it for granted. >> the investigation into that crash is still on going. as of now authorities say there is no evidence of criminal intent. new tonight physical's own mo'ne davis in chicago. the star pitcher of the little league taken 93 dragons was in the windy city for dinner honoring the jackie robinson west team. that's the team from chicago that went on to win the u.s. little league championship. tonight's din are in was hosted by the reverend jesse jackson. >> now to a fast-growing scam in
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our are a it all starts with phone call offering happen with an you are yep computer problem but the real problems begin with how persuasive these scammers can be. jim donovan. >> the phone rang at 11:00 p.m. and the woman on the other end said -- >> something was wrong with my computer and that i needed to go to the computer immediately. >> sandra hug up. half hour later -- >> half hour after that. >> at 1:00 a.m. when sandra was asleep the woman claimed to be from a windows server company. >> she kept insisting that someone was a iteming to hack in my computer. >> it should all ab red flag if a tech support company is contacting you threw the phone through unsolicited phone call claiming that there's an issue with your computer. >> reporter: against her better judgment sandra logged on to her computer and gave the caller remote access and thing went from bad to worse. the caller disable her perfectly
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fine computer and in the end sandra got hit with $300 in credit card charges for bogus computer scams. the better business bureau says they've been getting more and more calls about this lately. >> always remember that any time you hand ovary moat access to your computer you're opening yourself up to identity theft and potential financial loss. >> three on roar side gets at least a dozen inquiries about this scam each month. sandra eventually got her computer fixed by a reputable company. and her credit card company is reversing the charges for the worthless computer exam. if you get a call like this, just hang up. it's always a scam. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> we've seen amazon's drone idea. now we're getting a sneak peek at google's future delivery plans and they may not be too far off in the future. google is working on new delivery system they're calling it project wink. it uses these small remote aircraft this has been in
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develop for years but it's not clear when the could be put in place. most states have very tight restrictions on the use of drones. >> tonight a viral sensation. the video shows a cancer patient at children's hospital of philadelphia channeling his inner rap super star. take a look. ♪ >> my head got shooney bright glare hyped me, what's a brush, what's a comb are what's bad hair day, can you pleasure mine. what's shampoo. you done lost yours too. if you're around and i'm awake stop boo drop off an oreo shake. >> that's tom an oncology patient at chop puts his hit on the parody balled dzhokhar. >> he says he made the video to put a spotlight on the life of the cancer patient he also invitinvited jay-z to hang out k time he's in town. we'll see what happens there. >> over at chop tonight the building is lit up in red this in honor of the stand up to cancer movement.
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children's hospital is one of more than dozen buildings across the us and canada that are illuminating bringing awardness to the fight against cancer. it is the seventh year of this movement. it's am leading to this right here. next friday september 5th a live one hour stand up to cancer fundraising special from the dole bee theater in los angeles and you can see the right here on cbs-3 again it's next friday at 8:00 o'clock. >> all right. labor day weekend is now in full swing. >> that's right. >> shaping up to be good at least on the front end. yes. this is not going to be a big rainy situation. but there will be few showers and thunderstorms. we have to pay attention over the course of the week end. if you're going dobb having those big outdoor plans. which we know most of us will. let's take look outside where it is pretty busy down the shore. why not? a lot of folk heading down to ac, stone harbor, aval avalon, cape may, you name it, it will be busy this weekend and of course the poconos as well. we're lookin looking at cool cos
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down the shore tonight. but that's in the going to stick around it's going to get steamy everywhere. storm scan3 a few fair weather clouds moving in giving way to clear sky tonight. temperatures are dipping really fast. in the poconos 58 the same in lancaster. 57 in millville. 67 in philadelphia. in trenton it is 64. 80s for your saturday. very comfortable conditions will prevail with high pressure over the north and the east getting more of an easterly influence with the wind flow but then it gets little bit stickier with higher humidity as this area of low pressure in front approaches from the west. it pulls all of that warmth and all of that humid air up the eastern see bore even through new england. so temperatures approaching 90 degrees on sunday. with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm especially in afternoon and the evening. monday a few more showers and storms possible. the who temperature 90. and still some instability in the at months four for tuesday with a threat of a shower or storm. the heat will be the big story for sun and monday.
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saturday not an issue. heat index when you combine the heat and also the humidity will make it feel like into sunday but monday will feel like it's 95. so becoming an issue there as far as spending time outside and exerting yourself in that heat. future weather shows saturday at 7:00 o'clock sunny, throughout the whole day sunny there will be no rain saturday. that's right not even chance. so just and joy the day and evening. sunday 7am dry as well. through the afternoon spotty sprinkle possible. but mainly after 5:00 o'clock we're seeing this line develop through the lehigh valley with some showers. some showers maybe a few thunderstorm during evening of sunday. then monday, a few spotty showers popping up during the early afternoon and possibly in the evening. so doesn't look like a lot of rain but it does look locate we'll have those opportunities especially late sunday into the evening and on monday. looking at a few clouds tonight. the low 63 degrees. during the day tomorrow the high 84 just a brilliant day.
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if you're heading down the shore i think you'll going to have two great days coming up saturday, beautiful, 77 degrees. watch out. rip current risk will be low to mod yacht sunday beautiful. he'll in the expecting rain down the shore until the sun sets. sunday 82 degrees. maybe a few showers monday. in the poconos, you're closer to that front so it looks like saturday mr. if he can. sunday a chance of a shower or storm. and just a chance on monday as well but it will be heating up. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, this is some of the warmest weather we've seen all summer and it's coming really as september begins. so 89 sunday. labor day monday 90. 91 tuesday. near 90 wednesday and thursday next friday 92. isn't it supposed to feel like football weather? what's going on here? >> 90s wild and that storm threat through tuesday. >> that's right. everybody suiting up and it's getting hotter. >> going in reverse. >> i know. >> but it is labor day baseball. that work out all right. >> phillies started nice series
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with the mets when you see how they blew this game you're in the going to believe it. >> plus cut down the nfl. the eagles will trim the roster to final 53. a lot of dreams will end tomorrow. a lot of big stori
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>> the phillies visiting the mets for three games starting tonight coming off sweep of the first place nationals. how did they do? well, it was a comedy that really wasn't funny.
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jake diekman loaded the base. grady sizemore calling the other guys off i got it but i don't really have it. two runners scored. that made it three hiv one. something else you rarely see a double steal. the mets steel home on the phillies to mack it four-one. that's how it ended. phillies lose four hiv one. tonight will be long night followed by tense morning for he guess on the bubble that bubble may pop for one established player. alex henry watched the man whose after his job put op a clinic. young codey parkey hit a 54 yarder, 53 yarder. made three in row and henry's career long was 51 years. park can he was under pressure because he was kicking for his nfl live. coach kelly will have to make hard choices tomorrow. >> tough to make any dig when you're cutting anybody. they're stl human beings on that side of the ball. it's not -- i don't look at it that way. i look at tomorrow is not a real good day and saturday a not real good day.
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you have to tell 22 guys they won't make the team. >> eagles inflate add large team helmet put it oh and barge on the schuylkill river right near the boat house row area and the birds opened a season hosting jacksonville next sunday you can see it right here on cbs-3. penn state held a rally for their players in dublin. they can be off their season tomorrow morning against the university of central florida. ed spay up loaded this cell phone individual 83. >> sad nouse to it in to report. jack craft who led villanova basketball 238 victories and an appearance in the 1971ncaa championship games died thursd thursday. he was 93 years old. villanova taking on syracuse tonight. prince tyson breaks a 65-yard touchdown run. puts the orange up seven. the wildcats snap out of it and
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make game out of it. into the third hoppy livers with a great punt return. 67 yards. nova lost double over too many. 27-26. lasalle visiting north penn. the first big one of the year right here. get him! 56-yard touchdown. lasalle the winner 29-seven. the original friday foot frenzy neck week. next friday night cbs-3 your
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>> smooth music filled the air tonight on pennsylvania lanning. ♪ >> many turn out for the smooth jazz summer nights concert valerie simpson of ashford and simpson fame performed and i was proud to introduce her. it was great. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching cbs-3
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